Video on How to Tell Family About Your Condition

Episode 024 The Dark Night of the Soul and Chocolate

The Root's Video About Depression

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Reduce Anxiety by Playing With A Ball

Episode 022 - mindGear and Freespira

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Chronic Stress and Your Brain Video from TED-Ed

Episode 020 More on CAM for Anxiety and Panic Disorders

Breathe Baby Breathe or Fill It Up

Episode 019 Overview of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the book Furiously Happy

Episode 018 - Recap of Treatment Options and CBD Brownies

Episode 017 - Anxiety Experience Trailer and Social Anxiety Disorder

Jody Aman's Video on Five Ways to Stop Panic Attacks

Episode 016 Fail, Fail Again and M3 Mood Assessment Apps

M3 Mental Health Screening Video

Episode 015 ACES Too High and Shame

Thoughts on John Oliver's Mental Health Video

Episode 014 Depression and Worry Watch App for iOS

Video From University of Michigan's Depression Toolkit

Episode 013 - Death Ticket and Emotional Freedom Techniques

Healing Waters - Fly Fishing as Therapy

Episode 012 Hard Core Self Help and Choose Muse Headband

Thinking About Lev's Social Anxiety Poem

Episode 011 Lack of Psychiatrists and Frantic World Meditations

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Brené Brown on Perfectionism

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Episode 006 Paper Bags and Thync Device & App

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Early Advertorial - The Relaxed Wife

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Episode 001 Definition and Causes

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