Show 070 - Holiday Blucifer Edition - Survival Tips

Show 069 What Is the Problem and The Search for Solutions

Show 068 Exposure Therapy - Can an AI Heal?

Show 067 Panic Attacks and Muscle Tension

Show ARP 066 Anticipatory Anxiety

Show ARP 065 Recreational Cannabis In Five States and the Theta Wave App

Episode 064.5 Meditation for A Bad Day

Episode 064 - Seeking A Therapist and Talkspace App

Dan Harris Video From Skeptic to Meditator

Episode 063 Self-Medication and Lorazepam

Episode 062 - Advertorials and Constructive Living Therapy

Episode 061 To Kava or Not to Kava

Episode 060 Five Thoughts About Medication

Episode 059 Introduction Trauma and Anxiety

Episode 058 Dual Diagnosis and the Sleepwell Channel

Episode 057 The SNRI Cymbalta and Elizabeth Vargas Book

Anxiety and Your Body Requires Respect

Episode 056 - Depression Tips and The Internal Hater

Episode 055 Musophobia and Phobia 101

Show 054 Ideas on Functional Action Plan

Episode 053 Excessive Startle Response

Episode 051 Crisis Text Line, Sleep Paralysis and Guided Meditation Sources

Extra 051 Grounding Techniques

Kintsukuroi App - From Broken to Whole

Episode 050 CBT A Practical Guide and Audio Relaxation Sources

Episode 049 - Three Ideas to Cope with Anger

Episode 048 - Anger PebbleCast On the Anxiety Road

Episode 047 - Introduction to Phobias PTSD movie Buried Above Ground

Episode 046 - Buying Medication Safely

Episode 045 Music Resources and Moby's Ambient Tunes

Episode 044 Intro to Action Plans and Managing Stress Workbook

Episode 043 Resources, Brochures and Worksheets