Anxiety and Your Body Requires Respect

Once upon a time there was a man who felt that someone was disrespecting his name. He was being interviewed on a radio program and at some point he laid out the grounds for continued conversation.

It was lyrical.

Another group of musicians likes what they heard and put together a little ditty that captures the spirit of what Birdman (yes, Birdman) wanted from his radio host.

When it comes to an anxiety or panic condition you better put some respect on it. Recognize that you have a problem that requires one or more than one solution. Some of those solutions you do not want to do.

That is your choice.

If you ignore it, postpone it or others try to continue doing what you are doing (and getting less than zero benefit) there will be repercussions.

Those repercussions will not be pleasant.
They will, however, be visible.