Episode 056 - Depression Tips and The Internal Hater

In this show, a romp around the corner with depression and the internal little hater.

This show is more focused on the voice in many people's heads that is hyper-critical. There are some organic, mechanical and mental skills that can help to shut the hater up.

It is more about building a toolkit of resources when the voice is obnoxious. It is about deflating that power to attack you at a vulnerable point. Anxiety can make you feel extremely vulnerable.

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Resources Mentioned:

Psychology Today post on Diet and Depression

Mass Public Health Blog on Five Foods to Boost Your Mood

The British Dietetic Association PDF on Food Fact Sheet on Depression and Diet

Greater Good, The Science of A Meaningful Life Quiz on Mindfulness

University of Minnesota page on Integrative Therapies and Healing Practices 

University of Wisconsin PDF on Handout on Loving Kindness and Depression 

Helpguide.org page on dealing with depression

There is also a Depression Self-Health Checklist PDF chart to help you track the positive things you can do to help manage your condition.


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