Episode 050 CBT A Practical Guide and Audio Relaxation Sources

You do not have to download an audio or video file to relax. You can make your own recordings. But there is something nice and comforting about a distant voice wanting to help you to disengage from your troubles.

In this week's episode there is a brief review of the the book, Introducing CBT A Practical Guide and a few places to score some listening relief.

You can download the episode to listen on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Resources Mentioned:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, A Practical Guide The UK publisher is Icon Books UK. There is a website for the vendor at introducingbooks.com 

If you need to order from a local book store this is the book identification number. ISBN 978-184831254-8

Audio relaxation recordings from Anxiety and Depression Association of Manitoba 

Seven Guided Meditations from Sounds True - These are free recordings. You do have to submit your email address but you get almost an hours worth of meditative instruction from some of the grand poo-bahs of meditation. 

You should know that you probably will be placed on a mailing list.


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