Episode 061 To Kava or Not to Kava

Be careful when you read a post or magazine article on anxiety or stress. You might get the straight scoop or you might be reading an advertorial. I read a brief article about Kava and I knew some important information was missing.

This is my way of filling in the cracks.

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Resources Mentioned:

Johnny B. Truant's The Universe Doesn't Give A Flying Fuck About You

University of Chicago Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research page on Kava 

Harvard Health Publications Women's Health Watch page on Kava and Inositol

Carrie Ramsdell's Kava Information Graphic

National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements -  What you need to know before your buy
FDA warning about Kava if you have a liver condition.

Dietary Supplement Label Database you type in your herb or mineral of choice; it will show you various vendor products and you can drill down to what you want or need in a supplement.


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