Thoughts on John Oliver's Mental Health Video

One day, there will come a time when comedians will return to making bland real life funny. In the meantime folks like John Oliver, Colbert, the recently retired John Stewart are doing the work of journalists.

I get where he was going with this; you cannot and should not divert gun control/regulation discussions on that backs of mental health issues. Yet almost every GOP politician ran to embrace the need for mental health services because only the cray-cray are shooting up folks.


Can't even have many public discussions about mental health issues without folks going off on the rails in the comments. And by rails I mean being mean, vindictive and hateful.

Nor much laughter in this segment; there is some but dang, how much more do we have to experience before thoughtful, reasonable action can be engaged?

There is a gentleman on Facebook, a gun loving retired police officer who is trying to get folks to think about appropriate registration of guns. The same as we do with automobiles, motorcycles and airplane owners. I don't think he has gotten a lot of traction in the mainstream press as yet.

I don't even know if that is the answer or a part of one. But anything to keep the Klown Kar losers from jockeying on the backs of people with mental illness.