Early Advertorial - The Relaxed Wife

Once upon a time there were rules for corporations that tried to promote their products. They had to be crafty on what they could and couldn't say. The year is 1957 and this is the complete short film, "The Relaxed Wife."

Limited budget does not necessarily mean low quality. This is a promotional film from (at the time) Charles Pfzier & Company.

This little gem will keep your attention. The actor that portrays the husband has a wonderful expressive face that will leave no doubt as to what he is thinking. The film gives tips on how to relax with a brief moment mentioning the product in question, Atarax.

It is a reflection of the time. Separate beds, mind over matter and, yeah, separate beds.

For those of you that are excessively young or deprived of age here is the deal on the beds. There was The Motion Picture Production Code aka Hays Code that did not allow for any implication of sexuality or sexual behavior. Even if the characters in the movie were completely married.

The movie code required that men sleep in one bed and woman in the other.


You can check out this NPR report on some of the aspects of the code.

You never know what you will find on the anxiety road.