Episode 000 The Quick Version

Welcome to the Anxiety Road Podcast; the involuntary journey seeking treatment options and resources for people that have anxiety and panic attacks. This podcast is treatment agnostic.

My name is Gena Haskett.

I know who you are. You want this thing fixed and have a limit on how much BS you can take. Ok,

Here goes the speed version:

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An anxiety or a panic attack is a mental health condition that has physical symptoms and behaviors. It has frequency, it is disruptive and the condition can cause you to change your life.

At this time you have four treatment options;
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals
  • Behavioral Health
  • Relaxation and Meditation Skills
  • Technology which includes apps, software and now hardware devices.
There is treatment. Your challenge is that this isn’t a quick fix. You might need to try one or more treatment options that fit your needs.

This is the basics. There is more; a lot more to know but you don’t have time. So I would suggest that you visit the Anxiety and Depression Association web site at www.adaa.org to get more information.

If the devil is in the detail then I think you should at least listen to the next episode.

But hey, you got things to do so I’ll let you go.


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