Thinking About Lev's Social Anxiety Poem

Lev is a cartoonist and animator of the series Tales of Mere Existence. It is the story of how his character or avatar moves though the world. Sometimes yea, a lot of times ugg.

This is a recent episode where he talks about having some place to go and then talking himself out of it.

I've done this a couple of times so it resonates with me. There was this opportunity to go to a swanky club, no charge and I would have seen neat stuff. I was all for it.

Then I started to find excuses not to go...
  • Can I get there and back safely? 
  • Am I too old?
  • Do I have anything to wear to a 2015 night club (it wasn't a club event, it was just being held in one during the early evening hours).
  • What if I'm the squarest, nerdiest person in the room? 
  • Will I be blocked at the door for not match the presumed demographic?
  • How much for drinks!?!
I talked myself out of a sure thing and yeah it was on a Friday night.

So yeah, I really responded to this poem. And we will see if I learned anything from it cuz I have a sure thing to attend in a few days.