Show 091 A Look At Symptom Management and Other Resources

Well it is a day that ends in y so it must be time to crank out a podcast. So much going on but we are focused on the doable around here so in this episode a look at three symptoms and what you can do about them.

If you're having suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for immediate help: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Resources Mentioned:

  • Robert Consulmagno sets world record in standing abs roll out as he deals with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. There is another blog post from the VA about using Ju-Jitsu to tap into his energies. 
  • For active duty and vets you can check out the Real Warriors page on anxiety conditions and resources. 
  • National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI) page on substance addiction and mental health issues. 
  • NAMI also has a page specifically on mental health issues for active duty and veterans mental health concerns.
  • New Hampshire Public Radio's Rewind has an 2010 encore episode on the changes in mental health treatment; the switch from talking and working out treatment plans to medication. 
  • American Sleep Association page on Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis, then there is a separate page on Sleep Paralysis and the auditory version.
  • Tips to Manage Your Stress and Anxiety from
  • 10 Minute Walking Mindful Walking Practice from
  • Harvard Health Publications has a $20 guide on Coping with Anxiety and Stress Disorders. It is from the Harvard Medical School and before purchasing you can check out the table of contents and read from a passage in the book.


Links to other sites are provided for information purposes only and do not constitute endorsements.

Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health disorder.

This blog and podcast is intended for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing in this program is intended to be a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.