A Wee Bit More About Fidget Spinners

In a recent episode I mentioned Fidget Spinners as an object to apply critical thinking skills when claims of cures start being promoted.

I got nothing for or against the gizmos. But I am cautious about marketers making unsubstantiated claim of mental health effectiveness or a cure for a complex condition like ADHD. Until there is some verified and repeated testing of the claims I am going to skeptical.

It might work as anxiety symptom control device. I honestly don't know.

People have always used devices to distract, tape excess energy or use as a distraction. Japanese folks, seems like it is the menfolk,  but I don't know for sure, use ink pens to twirl and spin in their hands.

I just learned this from a program called Begin Japanology. That story is around the 20 minute mark.

There use to be squishy balls that could be found on a worker's desk or those muscle building hand clamp things.

Jacks. Straws. Phone cords. Paper Clips.

There isn't anything new but  perhaps the delivery method. Anyway, Mike from PBS Idea Chanel dives into the deal with this newest expression of distraction.