Show 264 Quick Look at Sleep Pod

Hi folks, this is a pebble in the road about finding helpful aids for a better sleep. Being the anxious folks that we are, sleep is not always obtainable or consistent. Especially if you are living the chaotic life.

So there is this product called a Sleep Pod by a company called Hug Sleep. (I think, there may have been a name change) Oh, by the way this is not a sponsored or promotion product. Really more of my first look about product that claims to help people sleep.

How to describe this thing. To me, it looks like is a giant snuggly body sock for sleeping.
So this is a quick look at the product.

Resources Mentioned: 

First off you might want to check out the original commercial for the product to see how it works. You can find it on YouTube.

There is a Freakin Reviews of the Sleep Pod, and he didn’t like it.

Fast Company has a review of the product and loved it.

Then there is a on Gizmodo, not so much.

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