Show 229 Loneliness or Finding Joy Where You Can

Loneliness can come and go. But if it is on-going then that could be a form of chronic loneliness. Chronic loneliness can also intermix with anxiety and depression. That is never a good thing.

I removed mention of Anna Magnani from the episode, it was running too long. Magnani is another person that can make you reconnect to feelings and emotions. 

Anna Magnani was fierce. She was a first class, A1 scene stealer. I have great sympathy for any actor in any film she appeared in.  

In body, presence, and using the craft of acting, she made you look and listen to her. In her films, she commands you to be with her. If you can find the film, The Rose Tattoo, or any of her Italian language films that will keep you engaged for a bit.

To get a sample of her talent, there is a retrospective video  from Izzy at Be Kind, Rewind

Look, loneliness is complex. It is tough. I wanted to say something about it and to let folks know that they are heard, even in their loneliness. 

I'm trying to chip away at a very large rock. It is going to take a while.

If you need support contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 or text “START” to 741-741.

Resources Mentioned: 

From the 1990 Tony Awards - Michael Jeter and Brett Barrett clip "We'll take a glass together" and acceptance speech.

Retrospective on actor Michael Jeter by The Back Focus.

From Be Kind, Rewind, retrospective on actress Anna Magnani. I wanted to give a shout out about her but I cut it from the episode. You should know about Anna Magnani. 

Loneliness Resources:

Dept. of Veteran Affairs Harry Truman Memorial Hospital recordings on relaxation techniques.

From an online version of the Loneliness Quiz page on Loneliness Makes a Bigger Impact on Your Mental and Physical Health Than You Might Think

Psychologist Clarissa Gosney video on Tips for Surviving Social Isolation During the Covid-19 Pandemic


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