Mental Health Resources for Black, African American, Melanated and Adjacent People

It is a time of change, a time of death and a time of renewal. If we survive what is going on around us.

Since we come from a long line of survivors this is possible. But we sometimes need a shoulder to lien on. We can come from different traditions but we know that we have to move forward. Even when that means taking a nap.

 So we hold the wall of sanity on many things but sometimes there are cracks that can't be hidden.

These are some, but not all of the on-line resources for mental health resources. I hope to add to the page when possible.

Apps, Functional Tools and Websites

Eat Thrive Yoga by Andrew Sealy is an app that will help you to eat better, learn and update your yoga practice and meditation. There are videos and nutritional guide.

The Association of Black Psychologists - a directory of providers.

Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM) directory of telehelp providers.

The Liberate Meditation app has content specifically for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. There is a free version and you also can purchase a subscription.

The Safe Place Jasmin Pierre's app contains information about mental health issues and topics specifically for folks like, How to Cope After Police Brutality, Mental Health In The Black Church, How to talk to black family members who may not want to understand mental illness, Breathing Techniques, Meditation and Exercise. The app is currently on iOS for iPhone and iPad. 

ZenCare How To Find a Black Therapist: Resources and Advice - Able to select therapist in select cities.

Articles, Blogs, Essays and Magazines

Alex Elle post on 3 Ways To Create Emotional Safe Spaces For Your Self-Care - Mater Mea

Depressed While Black by Imade. Much goodness here. Originally a Tumblr site, it has now been moved to a Facebook page.

For Harriet Black Women Mental Health post on How Therapy Gave Me the Grace I Needed to Breathe Easier.

Hot New Hip Hop page on musical performers handling the issue of dealing with mental illness.

Radical Self Care Black Men Healing is an article on Afripop about the invisibility of black men on their healing journeys.

To Be Female, Anxious and Black, ADAA article by Angela Neal Barnett on the impact and social pressures that affect women.

The Strong and Stressed Black Women - an opinion article by Dr. Inger E. Burnett-Zeigler about the unwillingness and at time unrecognized need for mental health support for African American women

Ourselves Black Mental Health Library - A publication and website that puts meaning behind the medical term.

How To's

Celeste The Therapist  Shifting the way you think or helping you to get out of the negative loop.

Inclusive Therapists - a way to find affordable and respectful therapists that are open to a range of clients, including languages, cultural backgrounds and spiritual knowledge.

National Institute of Mental Health (NAMI) a few resources about challenges to accessing mental health care for African Americans.  Sharing Hope - PDF guide from NAMI on awareness of mental health issues.

2024 Update: The website One Mind PsyberGuide is closed. The non-profit could not obtain funding. At this time you can still access the site, but there will be no updates. 

PsyberGuide a resource to help you find and evaluate mental health apps. The project looks at on-line, Android and iOS apps. Some of the mental health apps have an evaluation of their performance.

Therapy for Black Girls  A resource to encourage mental health wellness for girls and women. Has a directory of African American therapists and there is a podcast as well.

Therapy for Black Men is a directory to help men of color in their search for a therapist

Sister Speak Suicide Awareness Inforgraphic on how to be aware of the signs and signals of a person considering suicide.

Two Therapists and a Microphone, Dr. Harrison Davis and Dr. Asha Dickerson drop knowledge and life skills once of month but you can catch up if you are a new listener.

The Reality of Navigating the Mental Health System as a Black Woman, October 13, 2018 article on Allure Magazine

Inspiration & Informational

Mental Health, A Guide for African Americans and their Families. This is a 25-minute video that talks about the kind of conditions, treatment options and the type of providers that can help.

Hey Girl - The Podcast - united women with uplifting messages, wisdom and resources.

Philip J. Roundtree TEDx video about why Black Mental Health Matters.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah video on Mental Health Stigma in the Black Community

Mindfulness and Meditation

The Liberate Meditation app has content specifically for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. There is a free version and you also can purchase a subscription.

Thriving Mindfully with Ananda Leeke. This is her resource page with links to her social media offerings.


Rest for Resistance for mental health issues for Queer and Transgender people of color.

Other Podcasts

Affirm Podcast  Interview style podcast on mental health, wellness, anxiety and self-care.

Black Therapists Podcast Nikita Banks talks about unique issues concerning people of color.

The Friend Zone per their show description "Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?"

Hats Off is an edutainment podcast focused on changing the stigma around mental health.

Melanin and Mental Health Between Sessions Podcast covers physical, mental and emotional wellness with interviews and discussions with healers.

The  Black Unconscious Podcast is per the website: "Using research, current events, pop-culture and clinical insight, we breakdown the conscious and less-conscious aspects of Black mental health."

Ungentrified interview with Rwenshaun Miller, therapist talking about mental health issues in the African American community.