Show 083 Royal Hording and Toxic Shame

Burning candles at both ends is tough but what if you have an over abundance of candles? Or shoes. Or clothing you wear maybe one or two times? There are people that we love that have anxiety conditions.

And included is the second part of an exploration of toxic shame, toxic stress and a few resources to possibly set your soul at peace.

If you're having suicidal thoughts, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for immediate help: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Resources Mentioned: 

The New York Times article Inside Prince's Paisley Park Archives: 7000 Artifacts Cataloged, Many More to Go.

Tracey Cleantis on Self-Care: Why Learning to Nurture Yourself is the Key to the Life You've Always Wanted, 7 Principles for Abundant Living. To get a sense of who Tracey this is a brief interview about Letting Go of the Dream. If you are interested in her new book visit the Hazelden Publishing

The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University video on Toxic Stress Derails Healthy Development

Also check out The Science of Resilience for an understanding of how genes can affect our ability in early childhood to deal with stress. If we don't learn it then if will affect our future ability to cope. 

Audio book version of It Wasn't Your Fault: Freeing Yourself From the Shame of Childhood Abuse with the Power of Self-Compassion by Beverly Engle.

I have to mention John Bradshaw's Healing the Shame That Binds, this is the link to the audio book version. 11 hours of goodness.


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