Show 266 Misdiagnosis - Pebble in the Road

This is a quick pebble in the road about misdiagnosis. Ran out of time and have too much to talk about to do a half ass job. So think of this is just a short introduction to the topic of misdiagnosis. 

Misdiagnosis can mean a couple of things. Like having a physical health problem but your doctor thinks it is an anxiety condition.

Or you are treated for a physical problem and it really is an anxiety condition.

Or you hit the trifecta of having a physical problem and you also have an anxiety condition.

But wait, there is more. You could have a food allergy. You might be going through hormonal shifts (hello menopause!)

Or a medication you are taking over the counter is producing a side effect.

I could go on and on but like I said, I want to find a way to present the information without overwhelming or yakking on for too long.

I'll figure it out. 


Resources Mentioned: 

Determining Cause and Effect With Anxiety and Hemophilia by Shellye Horowitz via Hemophilia New Today 

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