Neuroscientifically Challenged Video on Serotonin

Each one teach one. Working on a post about Serotonin and I saw this video. 

For some people it is not simple. For others people, there will be grousing that something was left out or it didn't go into detail about how all the ways it affects the body and the brain.

It is two-minute video. It is in the title.  Always baffles me about people that see and don't read.

Marc Dingman, PhD is the creator of Neuroscientifically Challenged and has a website full of information.  Also has a book called Your Brain, Explained.

Does prove one human trait. You have a concept or idea. You do the work, figure out how to communicate your idea and the share it with the world.

Most will appreciate it. Others will have valid constructive criticism.

Some will hate it. And that is okay. Not everything presented is going to resonate with you. Feel the same way about okra. I understand the value of the vegetable. Can't stand the sight of it.

But there are a special few that just have to get the shives out and poke.
A lot of them can be found on social media. It is best to ignore them and carry on.
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