The Healing Power of Sheep - Baa Baa Land, The Movie

Sleep is definitely an issue for people with anxiety, panic or phobia conditions and disorders. We are already wrapped up too tight and then trying to catch some ZZZZ is like charcoal powder on a cake; want the cake but have to go through hell to get to it.

I don't know why sheep are associated with sleep or how the counting sheep thing came into being. I can say just thinking about it as I type has induced a yawn or two.

The good folks at know at good thing when they see it. So there is a meadow, some sheep and to make sure the brain doesn't get too excited, the movie is in slow motion.

That's right, slow motion. Eight hours and 1 minute of slow motion sheep. 

Need something to do while you practice your breathing? 
Need to wind down but don't want to watch a movie?
Like sheep?

This is the movie for you.

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